How To List Your Home On

6.6 million unique visitors per month makes (REA) the number 1 property listing site in Australia. See REA Stats

There are many different types of listing on REA and understanding which is right for you is a challenge. To list you need to go through a registered Real Estate Agent or an assited Sell Your Own Home Site like

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Did you know? - “63% of consumers don’t look beyond the first page of” Standard listings won't make you visible. This is why Zule recommends the Highlight listing, see below. Logo


Different types of REA listing

For residential property there are 4 different types of listing –

  • Premiere
  • Highlight
  • Feature
  • Standard


If you want to get noticed then the premiere listing is the top listing type on Premiere will appear before any other listing type and has larger photo and a carousel for easy browsing. The listing is rotated to the top every 15 days to be seen by potential buyers.

According to REA - “Premiere Properties receive an average of 20 times more views and 9 times more enquiry than Standard listings”

See more from REA here - Premiere Listing

Highlight (Our Choice)

This listing type will appear just behind Premiere however ahead of Feature and Standard on desktop and mobile devices. Highlight listings are similar to Premiere with larger photos, double the size of Feature and Standard. Also listings are rotated every 30 days to the top of the Highlight results.

According to REA - “Highlight Properties receive an average of 7 times more views and 4 times more enquiry than Standard listings”

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Feature listings will appear ahead of standard ads however behind Premiere and Highlight. This listing type has smaller photos and generally not as noticeable as the other premium listings.

According to REA - “Feature Properties receive an average of 2 times more views and 1.7 times more enquiry than Standard listings”

See more from REA here - Feature Listing


Standard listings will always be behind every other listing type. The photos are the same size as the Features listings. It is not advisable to have a Standard listing if you live in an area with multiple houses on the market, as your listing not being visible to buyers.

See our example section below on a busy Sydney suburb. - Feature Listing

Listing Stats Example

According to REA “63% of consumers don’t look beyond the first page.”

Let’s take Botany, NSW 2019 as an example. Botany had 524 listings.

Listing Type No. of Listings REA Page
Premiere 16 1
Highlight 6 1
Feature 47 2-4
Standard 455 5 onwards
Total 524

As you can see Premiere and Highlight can be found on page 1 and would be get the most amount of potential buyers and views.

Standard is from page 5 onwards and would get the lowest amount of views.

REA Map Listings

There is a feature on the REA website and app to display all properties on a map and this is helpful if you are searching for a property across a small area or suburb. The map works well on a mobile device via the REA App.

For ease of use the map REA only displays a limited number of properties per search and in many cases the Premiere and Highlight listings would be shown and not Feature and Standard.

45 Day Window

Apart from a Standard listing, REA's more premium listings are for a duration of 45 days. This is a crucial time window in which to get full property exposure and in front of potential buyers. After 45 days your ad will drop down to a standard listing and wont be visible as per the example above.