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Top 10 Melbourne Suburbs

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Situated on the coast just 11km south of Melbourne is the suburb of Brighton. This suburb is classed as one of the most affluent areas of Melbourne. A tourist spot is the brightly coloured bathing huts on Dendy Street beach.

Detached houses make up 57.5%, semi-detached 22.4% and apartments just 19.1%.

Quick Facts:
  • Total of 6,175 families
  • 768 families earn more than $312,000 per year
  • Median age is 45
  • Median Property Price is $2,516,500
  • Median Rent is $985 per week

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How to List Your Home On

6.6 million unique visitors per month makes (REA) the number 1 property listing site in Australia. See REA Stats

There are many different types of listing on REA and understanding which is right for you is a challenge. To list you need to go through a registered Real Estate Agent or an assited Sell Your Own Home Site like

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Did you know? - “63% of consumers don’t look beyond the first page of” Standard listings won't make you visible. This is why Zule recommends the Highlight listing, see below.

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Top 10 Richest Suburbs in Australia

Mosman is an affluent suburb on Sydney’s harbour just 8km north east from the CBD. It is home to some great bistros, boutique shops, beautiful bays and beaches. Sample the finest heritage Sydney has to offer in Mosman.

Detached houses make up 35.4%, semi-detached 12.1% and apartments 51.7%.

Quick Facts:
  • Total of 7,525 families
  • 1,179 families earn more than $312,000 per year
  • Median age is 42
  • Median Property Price is $3,850,000
  • Median Rent is $1,500 per week

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A Guide to Selling Your Own Home

Before holding your first inspections, you should have a contract of sale prepared and a copy available for review (for NSW has to be done prior to listing and advertising). This is normally drawn up by a Solicitor or Conveyancer but can be done yourself using standard templates (links available above). It is at this point you need to decide which chattels will be sold with the property and obtain relevant certificates such as pool safety certificates.

There are some specific State legal requirements that must be included in this contract per below.

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